Why Babies? Why Blog?

Why Babies?
Well, I really like them. Plus, they're adorable and often say hilariously inappropriate things. And apparently, because we're bad at birth control. It's also probably because I'm a true extrovert, and having a bunch of kids was my plan to always have people to hang out with. Seeing as I currently haven't been alone for 4 straight years, you could either say that the plan is a success, or that it has backfired in the extreme. I say both, depending on the day.

Why Blog?
Because I'm too lazy to scrapbook.

Because I like to talk and think, and think about what I talk about, and talk about what I think about, and I'm home alone a lot and the kids just stop listening to me after a while.

Because it gives me something to do during nap time other than watch Real Housewives and eat Doritos. Both of which are bad for you. Apparently.

Okay, okay, in seriousness, a few real reasons:

To Write. I love writing. I was an English major in college and took a lot of creative writing classes and well... wrote. A lot. And then I got a job, and then I had kids, and things just get away from you. The blog gives me an excuse, however trivial, to flex those atrophied writing muscles. Which is fun AND makes me feel like a real person. Double win.

To Remember. I hope the blog will become a makeshift sort of scrapbook for our family. Something fun to look back at and remember; not just the big and important things, but the smaller more fleeting, and often most beautiful, moments. Plus, I figure unless I write some of it down, the sleep deprivation is going to prevent us from remembering pretty much anything that's happening these days.

To Relate. We're a pretty messy family. Things don't usually go as planned. There are skipped naps and tantrums, sometimes there's pee on the floor and always there are crumbs and dustbunnies. I do love my life, but I don't always like it. I always appreciate hearing from others both the beautiful and the disastrous moments in their life, and knowing that I'm not alone in the barrage of motherhood. Hopefully, some of our beautiful and disastrous moments, revealed on the internet, will make you feel like you're not alone either.

To Reveal. I hope one day that our kids can read through these posts and remember some fun moments and experiences from their childhood.  But I also hope that it can reveal to them a little bit about who their mother was. That it can help them to see me not just as the person who poured the milk and said 'no', but who had thoughts that (shockingly!) were not always related to their immediate needs. Who made a lot of mistakes, but who loved them desperately. Who loved the Lord, and prayed for her children to grow to love him too. I hope that it can preserve a small part of the person that I was, when they were too young to realize that I actually was a person, and not just their mother.

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