Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas, Blog Friends!

I never get the mail. 

David picks it up when he comes home from work, sorts it, takes care of the necessary stuff, and throws the rest away. I generally never even see our mail. And I'm fine with that.

Until December. 

In December, I am Queen of the Mailbox.


I. Love. Them.

I watch for the mailman in December. I get the mail AS SOON AS IT COMES. If for any reason, David gets the mail, he knows absolutely not to open ANYTHING that looks like it could possibly be a Christmas card. 

Every year I get sad about taking down our Thankful tree, but this year, I was ready because it was standing in the place where I wanted to put up the Christmas cards!! MOVE IT, TREE.

I'm telling you about my fanatic love of Christmas cards, (because I secretly hope that you will send me one, but also) because for the first time EVER I sent out my OWN Christmas card.

I've always wanted to do it, but, you know, time, money, christmas, busy, kids, babies, oops! it's January, and I missed out again; repeat for 7 Christmases.

BUT THIS YEAR. This year, against all odds, I got it into my my little head that I WAS GOING TO DO IT, DAMMIT.

I think I was drunk on holiday spirit at the time, but once I start talking to myself in all caps, my chances of success go up dramatically.

I dressed the kids in clean clothes, brushed their hair, bribed them with M&M's and took 237 pictures of them, before getting a decent one.

Now, remember, i said it was DECENT, not professional.

There are some shadows, the baby has drool on her face and her tummy is showing, and the background is not a grassy field or a lush evergreen tree, it's just our porch.

But I sent it to a friend who always takes amazing pictures of her kids, and she said it was totally good enough, so CHRISTMAS CARDS, WHEEE!!!

It's not half bad, yes?

Here's the runner-up:
Look at those adoring little sweeties!!!

Merry Christmas, blog friends! Consider this post my Christmas card to you. I'm thankful for your readership and your comments and the fact that you are even remotely interested in our lives!

But mostly, I'm thankful for your solidarity, because I'm pretty sure that "me too" may be one of the most therapeutic things we can say to each other. (EXAMPLE: Are you already completely exhausted by Christmas? Me too. Are your kids being so insane you're not even sure you should give them presents? Me too. Is your one Christmas wish that everyone stays NOT SICK and sleeps a MODERATELY NOT AWFUL amount while visiting family? Me too!!!)

On to 2015!

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