Thursday, December 18, 2014

Humor Over Dignity

It's a thing for mommy bloggers to be concerned about how their posts will impact their kids once they're all grown up. 

We're supposed to set limits and ask ourselves questions like, will they be embarrassed or hurt by the things we've said? Will we have shared too much about their personal life? What will they think when they look back and read the things we wrote or the pictures we posted? The internet is a big, twisting, unknowable blob of a place, and it's reasonable to be thoughtful and concerned about what we put out into it.

But unfortunately, I've always been one to prioritize humor over dignity, and I'd like to think that I'm installing that in my children as well, so today, I bring to you a photo of my children in the bathtub, and another of them using toilet in tandem.

You're welcome.

Will they be embarrassed one day? Maybe.

Are this pictures adorable/hilarious now? Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yesyes.

And, just to prove to you that I DO have some restraint, I also have a picture of Henry, completely naked, but also dressed as a pirate (eyepatch, hat, sword, etc) and I am NOT posting it on the blog. I HAVE SO MUCH SELF-CONTROL.

But I will show it to all of his girlfriends one day. And probably include it a slideshow at his wedding rehearsal. And maybe frame it and give it to him as a gift at a major life event. I plan on getting LOTS of mileage out of that one, for sure.

But not here. See? I can be reasonable. Sometimes.

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