Saturday, November 8, 2014

Concession Speech & Halloween

Well, I made it to the 27th before I fell off the wagon. And only 4 days short of the finish line, too.

But instead of a Failure Post, which is what I had been calling this in my head, I've decided to instead call it a Concession Speech. Because, the elections. And it sounds nicer.

I'm formally conceding that the insanity of life at the end of October has beaten me fair and square. I fought bravely and valiantly, but alas my best efforts were in vain. I concede that the last week of October, with it's pumpkin carving, Halloween prepping, Trick or Treating, candy-induced frenzy is superior in every way to my weary will and weak dedication.

I missed posting on the 28th, and then, because I like to be reliable, I went ahead and kept missing it for the last week and a half. I have lost. October has won. The End.

But, maybe not really the end, because I don't feel like I TOTALLY lost. I did get up 27 posts in October, which is not nothing. And I mostly enjoyed it, too. I really did! And there's always next October! I'll be a year older so I'll probably be MUCH more dependable.

Plus, I have good news! Despite my not blogging about it in a timely manner, HALLOWEEN DID INDEED HAPPEN.

Yes it did.

Here is Maggie, "practicing" her Halloween costume:

And Maggie on Halloween. She was convinced that pirates should not smile.
Here's Leonardo, aka the Blue one:
And HERE, is the CUTEST little elephant you've ever laid eyes on:
 I KNOW, RIGHT?? I need to find another excuse to put her back in that elephant suit!!!
(And, if you're in the mood for a flashback, here's Maggie rockin' the elephant suit back in 2012. Also the cutest.)

And, in case that's not enough adorbale, here's the sweetest SpiderMan in the entire world:
I have no idea how I missed getting a picture of Asher, but he was a dino, and of course, he was adorable. Adorable!

Happy Belated Halloween, friends! Our November is off to a pretty good start, and I hope yours is too. More soon! I promise! I just have to dig out from under this pile of Twix wrappers, first...

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