Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Nerd After My Own Heart

When I was a kid, my mom taught me how to read before I started kindergarten. Probably because I was just so dazzlingly bright and precocious and a perfect little snowflake.


Well, my OWN bright, precocious, perfect, little snowflake, he's pictured below, isn't he darling and delicate?!

This snowflake has been showing some strong signs of phonetic awareness lately. Also some strong signs of morphing into a dragon, but for now let's focus on the pre-reading skills, shall we?

I knew it was time last week, when he was standing at a chair on the counter, looking at my Crock-Pot and he said "Hey, Mom, do these letters say 'off'? Aww-ff-ff?"

Guys, those letters did indeed say 'off'! My inner teacher did a cartwheel! My baby is a genius!

He went on (with a little help) to sound out 'on' and 'low'. High was a bit much. No one had prepared him for the silent G business.

He's also been talking about words and sounds more recently, asking me what things say on signs, spotting different letters in text, accurately brainstorming words that start with a certain sound, identifying rhyming words, and if I spell anything to David, like b-e-d-t-i-m-e, Henry immediately yells "WHAT WORD IS THAT?? HELP ME SAY THOSE LETTERS!"

So last night I pulled out a box that my mom had given me of the Sing, Spell, Read & Write Phonetic Readers that I learned to read with when I was small!!! I should also say, that those readers taught many Earley children to read, so they're a bit... loved.

But they work! Last night, Henry sounded out and read his very first sentence.
"Nat had ham and Al had jam."

Guys, I totally remember that sentence. I totally remember reading this book! And, lucky me, no worries about my vintage readers falling apart, THEY STILL MAKE THEM. For real. Thank you, internets. Tonight I'll begin convincing David that we need to buy a fresh set.

$117.95!!! A small price to pay for knowledge. (Wish me luck.)

Henry really did love it. He was so proud of himself and excited to keep going. It truly was A Moment. We got through about 5 pages before Rosie started loudly announcing that it was her bedtime and we had to quit. But, he's already asked me today when we can "work on that book some more."

Sigh. A nerd after my own heart.
After I came back from putting Rosie down, I found him like this, perusing this LEGO magazine he found at the library. He looked up and said "Mom, what is The Hobbit? I need Dad to tell me all about The Hobbit." And I was like, "Buddy, Dad would LOVE to tell you all about The Hobbit. L.O.V.E."

But really guys, forget about The Hobbit, I cannot WAIT until he's old enough for me to read Harry Potter to him. Quick Poll: When exactly do you think that is? Sevenish? Younger? Now? Probably now?


  1. be honest. did you almost cry when EACH of these things happened? "off"....reading a sentence...asking about the hobbit...this is what parenting DREAMS are made of!!!

    1. I might have teared up after our first reading experience. David might have teared up after The Hobbit. ;)