Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Hat Came Back

Back in February of 2012, I wrote a post called, What Not To Wear: Toddler Edition, that featured the Most Atrocious Hat I had ever seen. It had come to us as part of a bag of hand-me-downs we received. I hated it. Henry loved it, so I couldn't throw it away. I just 'lost it' a lot.

Well guess what? It's BAAAAAAAACK:

I mean, really. It's an awful hat. But she found it. And, of course, she loves it.

And somehow... I feel like she's maybe pulling it off? Yes?

I vow to never let her wear it out of the house, and I told her so, but when she asked if the backyard counted as out of the house, I told her nah, the backyard was cool. 

But not the front yard. We have neighbors to consider.

To continue the What Not To Wear tradition, I also let Henry wear his oversized, worn out Spiderman shirt today, which he loves, but is forbidden to wear to school, church, or basically anywhere where I care about what people think of my parenting.

Today we just went to the park with my dear friend Lindsay, who I know will not judge me for caving to the dictatorial demands of a four year old. So, Spiderman shirt it is, buddy.

And Rosie, well, see, it doesn't matter what she's wearing, because when your face is THIS CUTE
no one cares if you're clothes are on trend. Live it up, Rosebud.

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