Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rosie's Time Lapse

Sweet Baby Rosie will be 6 months old on Saturday.

Watch her grow, courtesy of my iPhone camera:

Dear Esther Rose,

I love seeing these pictures listed out, one right after the other. It's like I can see you waking up! You look bigger and bigger, you start holding up your head and sitting in bouncers and grabbing toys and literally being awake when I take your picture. You were a blissfully sleepy gal there for the  first few months of your life but you are awake for SURE these days. And we love it!

You will be 6 months old this weekend, which means I should probably stop calling you a newborn. You can't sit on your own yet, but you love to sit in the Bumbo and in the excersaucer and in anyone's lap. I think sitting gives you the best view of the action, and you definitely LOVE to be able to see what everyone is doing. You roll over CONSTANTLY so you're never quite where I put you anymore. Earlier this week you were on the floor in our office and you rolled yourself right under the printer table. You were pretty happy about it, too.

The truth is Rosebud, you're pretty happy about everything. You're happy to eat, you're happy to play, you're happy to hold toys and ride in the car and chew on your feet. You're ALWAYS happy to see your siblings. Your face just lights up as soon as Henry or Maggie come into your line of vision. They both can make you laugh SO HARD, usually by saying "gagagagaga" at an unthinkable volume, or by getting all up in your face and saying "chomp chomp chomp" while making chomping hands on your belly.

In fact, I've had to make a new rule recently, that no one is allowed to talk to you while you're nursing. Because as much as you love to eat, you love to talk more. But as your mother, and food source, I must insist that you eat.

I could go on and on and on about you, baby girl. I could tell you about how much joy and love and laughter you've brought to our family. I could tell you about how cuddly and sweet you are when you wake up in the night to nurse. I could tell you how you almost always wake up happy and gurgly and how sweet it is when you babble yourself to sleep. I could tell you about how you are always happy if your Daddy or I are wearing you in a carrier, and how sweet it is to have you right next to my heart, your head constantly within kissing range.

You are precious to all of us, in a million different ways, and every day with you is a day with a little bit more sweetness in it. You are our cherry on top.



  1. oh my goodness, she is so beautiful! All your children are of course, but she's kinda got the edge right now as the baby (looks at those little feet and little legs!!!!!!!).

    1. Thanks, friend! I'm kind of partial to her too, at the moment. Mostly because she doesn't say no to me. But the little feet & legs, too. :)