Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rosie's First Bites

Since Rosie's new tooth has caused us nothing but sorrow and sleeplessness thus far, we decided it would make make everyone feel better if we put that sharp little chomper to work. Give the whole experience a little purpose, you know?

First solid food day!

Those are bananas that you see smeared over all reachable surfaces, and she LOVED them. This makes her the first Williamson child to not act as if I was poisoning them when introducing them to food. A win for Rosie. Henry and Maggie were total drama queens.

The next night we tried avocados & bananas and she was again impressed. But her favorite part of eating so far?

Totally the spoon. Babies love the spoon.

My best advice for starting your baby on solid foods? Have 17 spoons on hand at each feeding. You'll need 'em all.

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