Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

These are the only pictures I have of Henry's very first field trip ever, to the Lloyd Family Farms Pumpkin Patch. And, full disclosure, half of them were taken by his teacher.

The reason I don't have more adorably posed photos is because I'm like a crazed pack mule at these things, people.

I've got a baby strapped to my chest, an overpacked diaper bag slung over my shoulder, Henry wants to hold my hand, I'm trying to keep Maggie from climbing a tractor wheel with the other hand, while also trying not to freak out because the pumpkin patch guy just said something about watching out for black widow spiders, and Maggie just told me she needs to pee and there is nothing but pumpkins as far as the eye can see, and now Henry has now found the perfect pumpkin, no that one, no that one, no that one, can he get five, please, can he?

I mean, we had fun. We really did.

Plus, now I can add "in a tractor-pulled wagon" to my list of Weird Places I Have Breastfed A Baby. So that's a bonus.

But, guys, I totes needed a pumpkin beer afterwards. And I didn't take the picturesque photos I had planned.

But David carved the pumpkins with the kids tonight while I made dinner in blissful peace, and tomorrow I plan to take GORGEOUS photos of them with their pumpkins. On our very own front porch. Where a bathroom is always 15 seconds away and there are NO black widow spiders, WTF, pumpkin patch guy.

(I wrote this yesterday, but neglected to edit and post until today. Just in case you're a stickler and want to know if I cheated on my 30 Days deal. I didn't!)

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