Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not The Summer I Imagined

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for awhile (as posts tend to do around here.) Mostly because I have mixed feelings about this past summer. There were so many great and wonderful things, like our family vacation, and buying our first home, but as I've mentioned before it was also a hard summer for me. I felt very overwhelmed, and very postpartum, and very chaotic, and between buying a house, and moving, and adjusting to life with three bambinos, it just wasn't the summer I imagined. It just wasn't the summer I had hoped for. It just wasn't the summer I had planned. 

There were no camping trips like I planned, there was no beach trip like I planned, there were no trips to visit family in NC like I planned, or family in GA like I hoped, I didn't teach Henry to swim like I hoped to, I didn't go see friends in Norfolk like I had planned, and I never did quiiiite get the tan I had dreamed of. And, I only read one book all summer. One.

So, I've put off writing this post, because I just don't quite know what I want to say about this summer. But then, this morning, I clicked on the draft I had marked as "Summer", and scrolled through the handful of pictures left over from those warm, sunny, insanely busy months, and you know what? 

If I just forget about what I had IMAGINED the summer was going to be like, and just focus on what it actually WAS, then all of sudden, it looks pretty darn good.

Possibly, pretty darn great.

Moving face. Note the pile of boxes to be packed behind me.
first sleepover! with Whit!

homeowners, yo.

last day in our old house, last ice cream in our old neighborhood

I think the kids had a pretty good time, at least.

But next year, we're going camping. And to the beach. And I'm teaching Henry AND Maggie to swim. I really mean it this time! I really do!


  1. I feel you. We bought/sold/moved and did major renovations starting when Collin was 1 week old and I still kind of mourn for the maternity leave that was NOT what I imagined. Instead of lounging in bed all day I was getting put out of my house for showings, getting scolded by my real estate agent for not leaving the house clean enough for the appraisal, driving from Reston to Alexandria during rush hour with a baby who eats for 45 minutes and then wants to eat for 45minutes again 45 minutes later. It was still great, but it wasn't what I pictured! I should note that I am grateful for the leave I got, the house we sold and the house we bought, lest it sound like I am not. Next time though, no will be allowed to so much as switch toothpaste brands before/after we bring baby #2 home. We handled it, but it was just too much. I don't know how you did it with three!!

    1. Oh. My. Goodness. That sounds AWFUL. Honestly, I think you had it way worse in that situation. We were not selling (thankfully) just buying and moving. The idea of trying to stage for showings, etc, with kids around sounds like torture. Glad you made it through!