Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Here's Rosie, being held by one of her namesakes, my Grandma Rose.

I realized recently that Henry is the only one of our kids whose name we picked just because we liked it. All our other names come from our families. Maggie is Margaret Virginia after David's mom, Virginia Margaret. Rosie is Esther Rose, after David's paternal grandmother Esther, and my maternal grandmother Rose. And Henry's middle name is David, which, duh, is for his daddy David.

But Henry? We just liked the name.

(Now I feel compelled to say that I also LOVED the names David, Margaret, Virginia, Esther, and Rose, which is why we used them, but you get what I'm saying right?)

I'm not sure whether this should make Henry feel special or left out, but I'm going with special.

A special, precious, delicate, little snowflake.

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