Sunday, October 5, 2014

Maggie's Second Haircut. Just Pretend I Said 'First'.

Maggie got her first haircut.

Months ago. While I was still pregnant with Rosie. And as I centered her cute, shaggy little face in my phone's viewfinder, to snap that quintessential Baby's First Haircut Photo, the dang phone died.

STORY OF MY LIFE, YOU GUYS. Story of my life.

What I do have is a piece of cardstock with a sweet little wisp of her baby hair scotch-taped to it. Sweet, priceless, and slightly weird, I know. But I do not have a picture. Sigh.

But a couple weeks ago, Miss Margaret got her SECOND haircut ever. And I got some ADORABLE pics before my phone died this time around:

Look how sweet she is! How proud of her freshly trimmed hair! She has no idea her mother failed at capturing this first milestone for her! Honestly, I may one day present these photos to her as her first haircut photos, and if I do you guys better not rat me out.

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