Sunday, October 12, 2014

Girl's Weekend

Confession Time: I didn't post yesterday. I didn't write yesterday. Not a word. Not a letter.
Eleven days into the 31 day challenge, and I missed a day. Sigh.

BUT, I have SUCH a good excuse!!! 

I was here:

At Smith Mountain Lake, sitting on the back porch, drinking coffee, wrapped in a blanket, watching drizzly rain fall on the water, with a great bunch of friends.

With no responsibilities, no laundry, and no kids. Well, almost no kids. Esther Rose got to come, since she's my breast friend. (Get it?!? Get it?!?!)

It was an absolutely lovely 48 hours, and I truly had EVERY intention of finding time to write on Saturday. I even brought my computer! I brought a notebook! And a pen!

But somehow, between all the talking and laughing and eating and drinking and talking, I just didn't do it. I just didn't do much of anything.

Sorry I'm not sorry.


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