Sunday, October 19, 2014

Big Cousins

The way that Henry distinguishes between his cousins on mine and David's side of the family, is by calling the cousins on David's side of the family his Big Cousins.

It's an understandable distinction given that they are all significantly bigger than him. David's two brothers each have four kids, the oldest kid being a sophomore in college, and the youngest kid being in second grade. To a four-year old, that's all big.

Having big cousins is awesome. So awesome.

Having big cousins means that when they come visit, they legit watch my kids for me. I kid you not. They arrive, everyone's all excited, and then all of sudden, all the kids disappear. IT IS AMAZING.
They play outside with them,
they hold babies,
 and they're just fun to have around.
 They're old enough to be trusted, but young enough to know how to have fun,

 But one of the best things about having big cousins,
 is that it gives you someone
 that you want to be just like when you grow up.
I know this, because I had my own big cousins to look up to.  And I'm incredibly thankful that my kids will have such good role-models that they can emulate as they grow up.

But in the meantime, I'll be busy helping the kids count how many weeks until Thanksgiving when they get to see ALL of their big cousins again. They only ask me every day or so.

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