Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Best Frenemies

This summer, Justin and Lauren, along with their two sweet boys, Whit and Asher,  moved to Richmond.

This was a dream come true for many people, in many ways, and for many reasons, but for my kids in particular, it was a dream come true, because, WHIT. 

Whit, Whit, WHIIIIIT.

Whitmel is 2 and a half, so he and Maggie are almost exactly the same age, and they understand each other in an angsty 2 year old way.
This often means that they are Best Frenemies; loving and annoying each other, in equal proportion.

Whitmel is a boy, so he and Henry understand each other in a violent, tumbling, yelling boy way.
This often means that someone gets hurt. Also occasionally resulting in a Best Frenemies type relationship... but, whatevs, it's totally worth it. Apparently.

But more important than age or gender or arguments or bruises, Whitmel is their cousin, and there is just something magic about being cousins. I do not know why. I just know.

With cousins, there is love,

 there is laughter,
there are sleepovers, 
there is playing,
and there is SO MUCH
Not to mention hand holding,
and general frolicking.

And as if that wasn't cute enough, we can't forget Baby Asher. He and Esther Rose are one month apart, and if they're anything like their older cousins, then we should be afraid.
Very afraid.
Much mischief will be caused, and soon.

Their older cousins are already plotting...

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