Friday, October 3, 2014

Because We Love Her

"Rosie Posey, pudding and pie, giving her kisses and we don't know why."

This is the rhyme I've been singing to Esther Rose since she was about 4 days old.

Babies create some sort of reaction in people that often results in slightly embarrassing behavior. Some people baby talk. Some people start talking in a high-pitched-just-for-babies tone. I start singing.

Nursery rhymes, lullabies, top 40's hits, they're all fair game. But I tend to leave the original words behind for my own (fabulous) lyrics.

Anyway, we've been singing this Rosie-Posey rhyme to Rosie from the start, and now whenever I sing it to her, as soon as I say 'and we don't know why', Maggie screams "BECAUSE WE LOVE HER!"

She's so right.

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