Monday, October 13, 2014

Auntie Anne Is Actually A Princess

My baby sister is not a baby anymore.

She'll be 18 this winter, and in my humble opinion, you can't be both a teenager and an adult at the same time, so once you're 18 you're not a teenager. You're a kind-of-sort-of-maybe-adultish-adult.

But it really shouldn't matter, since I specifically told Annie to stop growing at the age of 11. (Clearly, I have some issues with the passage of time.) She ignored me, so now she is 17 and does 17 year old things like go to prom.

So of course, I planned a TOTALLY CASUAL visit up to my parents house on the same weekend that JUST RANDOMLY HAPPENED to be the weekend of prom. Totally casual, you guys! Happenstance!

Annie was beautiful.

I was really excited.
Maggie was... unconvinced.
My mom exploded with pride right after this picture was taken.
And finally, Maggie realized that her Auntie Anne is ACTUALLY A PRINCESS, and then the whole day made sense to her, and she got excited too.

On the RARE days that she's not being a princess, Auntie Anne can usually be found either playing with a niece or nephew,
(despite the pain they routinely inflict upon her),
or holding a baby.
Sometimes two.

It's actually kind of fun to watch your younger siblings grow up. They start as kids, turn into princesses, and then end up your actual real-life friends.

Friends that make you act like children. So it sort of all evens out.

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