Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 days writing challenge

Well, the 'ol blog has been quiet all summer.

We, however, have not.

We've been loud, busy, crazy. We bought a house and moved into it. We went on vacation. We swam and ate watermelon and swatted at mosquitos. We started preschool. We celebrated birthdays. Some days we went in a dozen different directions and some days we never made it out of our pajamas. It's been a lovely, lovely, exhausting summer.

But today is October first! It's fall, ya'll. And it's BEEN fall for a couple weeks now. And in the spirit of fall, and changing seasons, and fresh beginnings, I signed up for a 31 day blogging challenge for the month of October.


I'm hopeful that it'll motivate me to get back into the blogging habit, to write a little bit more, to post all of the adorable pictures from summer 2014, and it's only 31 days! I can do it!

I also decided yesterday that I'm giving up sugar for the month of October. No sweets until Halloween. So, either I'm full of fresh resolve and vigor or the postpartum/nursing hormones have made me delusional. It's probably a little bit of both.

The 31 days challenge is from Myquillyn at The Nester blog, which is one of my fav home/creative blogs. She's like, A Real Blogger and everything, so this challenge comes with instructions and guidelines and other things that I plan to mostly disregard because I'm a wild rebel. But, the things that I WILL stick with are these:

1. Write every day
I'm telling myself 5 minutes. Five minutes of actually typing words. Once the five minutes are up, I can keep going if I want, or be done for the day. Uploading and editing pictures DO NOT count for the five minutes, and neither does re-reading/editing. It's 5 minutes, yo. Just do it, self.

2. Pick a Topic
I'm flying pretty loose with that one. The topic will be.... our life? my scintillating thoughts? witty picture captions? all the stuff we did this summer that I want to immortalize on the internetz? You have to actually pick a category to link up for the challenge, so I categorized myself in the Family Life section, which seems pretty safe. We all know I'm not going to be giving beauty tips or teaching you how to craft something. (You know that, right? If not, we should talk.)

3. Link Up
This is actually the first time I've ever done a linky! I feel so fancy! I even made a button. A BUTTON. Mostly because Myquillyn's instructions made me feel like it was not even worth doing the challenge without a button, but still. A BUTTON!

Doesn't it make me look sweeter than I actually am? I like to think so. Obviously, all the posts will come up on my blog's homepage, and on the 31 Days linky, but (other than this post) I've decided not to link to Facebook at all this month. Mostly because it's an extra step, but also because it's extra pressure, and sometimes I revolt under pressure. Refer back to me being a wild rebel.

Look! It's October 1st and I just wrote so many words! I'm so proud of me! Don't expect this many words every day! I tend to start off with a bang and then just sort of dissap...

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