Monday, January 20, 2014

Snowy Snow Day

Guys. It happened. It really, really happened.


Now, granted, it was an inch or less, the schools didn't care, it barely covered the nasty grass in our yard, not a single FLAKE stuck to the roads, and it had all melted by noon. BUT STILL!!! SNOW!!! AT MY HOUSE!!! IN MY YARD!

The kids wanted to go outside THE SECOND they got out of bed, but I convinced them to wait until I'd had a cup of coffee. (Okay, it was two. I had two.)

They've both seen snow before, and Henry remembers playing in the snow last year, but Maggie was... a bit foggy on the details.

She INSISTED on wearing a scarf, because Henry has a scarf, but the only one I had that was short enough for her to wear totally makes her look like the old-lady matchmaker in fiddler on the roof. Yes??

She also ditched her mittens after about 60 seconds, and then was all surprised that the snow was cold. It did not stop her from making snowball after snowball, and then 'cweanin' (cleaning) all the snow off of the van with her bare hands, however. By the time we went in her little hands were bright pink.

Our friend Joel was coming over for the morning too, so it was EVEN MORE THRILLING for the kids to get play IN THE SNOW, WITH JOEL! The moment we got outside, Joel threw his arms back and face-planted in the snow to make a snow angel. Which means my kids did too. Which means everyone was sort of wet the whole time we were outside. Because we live in Richmond, guys. We don't own snow pants. Or snow boots for that matter. (Just rain boots. Which work fine in the snow, BTW.)

Henry was especially enthralled by his footprints in the snow.

But then I introduced him to the concept of a snowball fight, and that was definitely the winner of the day. For all of us. Myself included.

Once everyone was cold and we had tromped most of the snow out of the yard and frostbite had become a real concern for Maggie's hands, we headed inside to drink hot chocolate. Because if it snows, you HAVE to make hot chocolate. You HAVE to.

You should also probably consider making a sofa fort, watching movies, and eating grilled cheese with tomato soup, because those are all Snowy Snow Day things too, but if all else fails, you still MUST make hot chocolate. I will be checking on you.

The weatherman are currently CAUUUUUUTIOSLY predicting snow for this Wednesday. Seeing as we're well stocked with Hershey's cocoa and American cheese, I say bring it on. I could also really use an excuse to vacuum out the sofa, so FINGERS CROSSED FOR SNOW!

Although, maybe I should try to get some tips on convincing a two-year-old to keep her mittens on... I'm really worried she'll lose a finger or two if she keeps this up.

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