Thursday, January 9, 2014

Child Labor

Yesterday, I let the kids pick something out at the Target dollar spot. Because, they didn't get enough toys for Christmas. Or because I am a I giant pushover. You decide.

They picked these little blue & green dustpans and brushes.

Best dollar spot buy EVER. Maggie's efforts were mostly useless, but she entertained herself for a solid 40 minutes. In 2 year-old time, that's an eternity.

Henry ACTUALLY SWEPT UP STUFF. From under the table, no less! I told him I'd pay him a quarter to do it after dinner every night.

That's gotta be at least close to minimum wage for an almost 4 yr old, right? What's the going rate these days? 

I figure at a quarter, 4 sweeps and he's back at the dollar spot! Maybe they'll be selling dust cloths. Or dishrags. OR A VACUUM!

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