Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: I Resolve Nothing.

This morning, I cleaned out & organized the kids room.

David took apart the crib & put it in the attic (until we need it again in a few short months.)

I sorted through every toy bin, covertly threw away broken & neglected toys, organized the zillions of toys that remain, and added the new Christmas toys to the mix.

I made the beds, and lined up the stuffed animals and tossed out the hundreds of broken crayons, marker caps, discarded scraps of paper, and abandoned stickers & pebbles that I found under dressers and beds.

And I loved it.

It was the perfect way to start the year, because if I can tackle that room- that vortex of plastic crap and abandoned sippy cups and a 134:1 ratio of snuggly items to children- you guys, I can do ANYTHING this year! Anything!!!

However, I'm refusing to make any resolutions or goals this year. None. And this is very, very unlike me.

I love the feeling of a fresh start- whether its a new year, a new notebook, or a freshly cleaned refrigerator, I get fluttery, lovey, giddy feelings from starting anew.

And, to be completely honest, I did write down a few "2014 Priority Shifts" in my journal today. But none of them are resolutions. None of them are goals. None of them are measurable. None of them reflect my usual "It's A New Year, A New Me, Anything Is Possible!" attitude.

So, why the lack of resolution drive? It's simple: 2014 is already booked.

There's no room for anything else this year. My lack of resolutions is a practical, tactical move. I have no time for such things. 2014 is taken.

2014 is the year that, Lord willing, we plan to buy our first home. We'll pack our things into boxes. We'll paint. We'll arrange and organize. We'll rent moving trucks. I, very possibly, will vomit at the level of commitment involved in purchasing a house. We'll adjust to a new neighborhood and a new grocery store and a new closest library and closest Target and closest playground- all the essentials. We will invite people over too soon, because my extroverted self needs company, and maybe they will feel bad for me and help me unpack a box. At some point, I will probably emphatically declare that I am allergic to cardboard boxes. And hopefully, by the end of 2014, we'll be settled into a house that we will live in for the longest we've EVER lived in one house. (Just shy of 5 years is the record to beat! Go team!)

2014 is also, Lord willing, the year that we'll welcome our third child into our family. She's twisting and tickling my ribs as I write. In a few short months, she won't fit inside me anymore, and we'll welcome her into our arms instead. I will reach the point of pregnancy where I announce that I will be pregnant forever, and everyone better just get used to it, there is no end in sight. But, I'll be wrong. Because in 2014, somehow or another, I'll give birth. We'll introduce Henry & Maggie to their baby sister. We'll become a family of 5; a number I could not fathom when David & I first started our tiny family of 2. We'll sleep little. We'll do laundry much. I will neglect household tasks that I usually consider mandatory, because there is no perspective-shifter like the tiny, mesmerizing face of a newborn. I'll spend the next 6-9 months climbing out of a post-partum fog, which should bring us right on up to 2015.

And, these two gigantic life milestones scheduled for this year, they can't even take into account all of the other things that the year will hold. Both of our children will grow another FULL YEAR'S WORTH, becoming entirely new versions of themselves. David & I will have another wedding anniversary. We'll hopefully join a church. We'll keep working, and hopefully keep enjoying it. We'll deepen friendships and maybe, MAYBE read a book or two. I have friends who will also have babies this year! Many of them in fact. My brother & sister-in-law and my sweet nephew will move to Richmond. I'll get a WHOLE NEW NEPHEW this year, too. There will be birthdays and bible studies and picnics and meetings and deadlines and decisions and dinners with friends and chores and playdates and holidays and date nights and late-night phone calls to long-distance, close-hearted friends. 2014 is already full to bursting.

You can see why I hesitate to add anything else to the year's agenda, yes?

Yes. Of course you can. We're all sensible people. The LAST thing I need this year is resolutions.

I've decided the only thing I need this year is a whole lotta Jesus. And all the practical help I can get. And, as soon as this baby is born, a gigantic margarita. I mean HUGE, people. ENORMOUS. Don't let me down.

Here's to a great year, friends! 2014 for the win!

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  1. i love this. well-written, rachel. i didn't set goals for a similar reason.
    but if you want i can set some for you: get organized, dive up diet coke, eat better, exercise more, stop watching so much tv.
    sheesh. just reading that is exhausting.