Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oder Maeeey Cafine

A few months ago, my sister Annie came down with my Mom for a visit. While she was here, Maggie kept accidentally calling her Mary Catherine. Well, really, she kept calling her "Maeeey Cafine."

This was funny, mostly because it made Annie so mad. The competition for most-beloved auntie is fierce around here.

But honestly, you can understand Maggie's mistake. They look similar. They sound VERY similar. They both are SO fun and SO silly and pick her up WHENEVER she asks and sneak her treats ALL the time.

It's very confusing to have two people spoiling you so completely.

So, like a dutiful Auntie, Annie practiced her name with Maggie all weekend and steadfastly refused to answer to 'Maeeey Cafine' and by the end of the visit, Maggie had pretty much sorted out which Auntie was which.

Or so we thought.

A couple weeks after Annie's visit we were writing down things we were thankful for and putting them on our Thankful tree (this was back in November) and Maggie volunteered "Taful fo Maeeey Cafine!"

"Oh, that's good Maggie!" I said, "But, look, we already have Aunt Mary Catherine! See? There she is on that leaf right there."

"No! Maeeey Cafine!"

"I know, Mary Catherine. We already wrote her down."

"Noooo!!! ODER Maeeey Cafine!"

"Other Mary Catherine?? What is other... WAIT, DO YOU MEAN AUNTIE ANNIE??"

"Yah!!!! Auueee Anneee!"

Sorry, Auntie Annie. She loves you to bits, and will probably get all the names straight very soon.

But I, for one, am calling you "Oter Maeeey Cafine" from now on. (Or, at least until you come for another visit. A lllloooooonnnnngggggg visit. :) What are you Spring Break plans?)

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