Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Fifth Williamson

The last time I put up a blog post was on July 23rd, one day after my 30th birthday. About two weeks later, we discovered yet another bun in the oven. Because, of course we did.

This particular bun, we found out this morning, is a girl bun. Yay! Girls!! Buns!!!

(Buns. Dang it. Now I'm hungry. Pregnancy is annoying. Do we have any good bread?)

I know that 20 weeks is a bit late for the public "I'm pregnant!" announcement, but, you guys, it's the third baby.

WE are really excited about her, but I'm not expecting the general public* to work up the same amount of excitement that they did for the first baby, or even for the second. I equate it to someone who's running their third marathon. Or getting their third degree in something really smart. Or maybe getting their third promotion at work. It's not that it's not awesome, it is! It's totally AWESOME! Go you!! But, dude, we get it. That's what you're into. It's your thing now.

In fact, other than to our family, I don't know if we really made ANY formal announcements this time around.  Maybe a few email announcements, but for the most part, I've just worked it into conversation with friends when I've see them. This has been particularly entertaining, and I actually think I've enjoyed it more than the typical "drumroll please" announcements.

For instance, while having a phone date, one friend asked, "Why are you not blogging? You moved. The LEAST you can do if offer me frequent updates on your life." So, I got to reply, "I'm knocked up again. Hows THAT for an update." Another (very very very sweet and wonderful and favorite) friend asked during a playdate "You look great! Have you lost weight?"  And I said, "Nope, I'm 17 weeks pregnant, so I'm actually even BIGGER than normal. But I love you forever. Let's hang out every day."

So, whether this is old news or new for you, let me recap:
1. Baby girl on the way! Slated to arrive late March/early April! (Due dates are for the birds. That 2-3 week range is as specific as I care to be.)
2. We're excited! Yay! The fifth Williamson cometh!
3. I wrote a blog post! YAAAAAY! I'M AMAZING!

So, while I'm too lazy to upload an ultrasound picture today, I hereby promise a picture-laden post later this week. Get excited.

* If you are in my immediate or extended family, you are not counted as a member of the general public and are expect to act thrilled, shocked, and unbelievably excited at all mention of things baby. Just to be clear.


  1. Best return to blogging, ever!! Congratulations and prayers for a happy, healthy pregnancy! Three is so much fun!-Amy

  2. Yaaaay! As someone who has run three marathons and knows that each one is special, unique and deserves it's own celebration, I am VERY EXCITED about this news and for all the Williamsons!!! Have you informed Henry that he is going to have a lot more responsibilities with not one, but two little sisters?? What did the kids say when you told them???

  3. Hooray! Sooooo happy for you! Baby number 3 is amazing and insane.. especially since baby #2 is a little Mama that will either want to hold and nurse her babies and pump for them.. or hold your baby every moment she is awake. Glad you are blogging again because you won't after baby #3 comes. ;) but try, because we will all want to see her! And yay for HER! Gosh, we really need to get our act together because our kids are destined to be best friends.