Friday, November 22, 2013


Today it is cold outside. Jackets needed.
Today, I listened to Christmas music.
Today is less than one week from Thanksgiving.
(I know those last two sentences are incongruous. I'm sorry. I'm ashamed of my own behavior. Mea culpa.)

All of those facts are weird, in light of the fact that I'm about to post about our summer. Whoops! So, crack open a Corona, take a whiff of that last remaining mostly-empty bottle of sunscreen, put on some flip-flops (over your wool socks, of course,) whatever it takes to get in the mood!

Because, here's how we spent our final month of summer:

Maggie wore her hair in an adorable pony tail and convinced Henry to have a tea party with her. (It's not that hard to convince him.)

David held the children upside down in the doorways of our house so they could pretend they were bats. (We saw a bat in the attic. Hence, bat obsession. It continued through Halloween, but has now abated. The bat is also gone. Thank goodness.)

Whit wore tank tops, drove trucks, and continued to be the cutest little chubster this side of the Mississippi.

Maggie began to accessorize.

The children adorably held hands. (This was actually on the 4th of July. Hence the title "August-ish." Let's not be too strict with the timeline, ok?)

Henry, inspired by his Uncle DanDan decided to become a scientist.

Chick-fil-a gave us free dinner. For the small price of our dignity. This year, like every year, we ponied up big-time. (Take my dignity! Give me a #1 combo!)

The kids and I went to NC to visit some sweet, sweet friends. For three days it was 4 moms and 8 children. The dads were, you know, working or something. To say we were outnumbered was the understatement of the CENTURY. The days were exhauuuuuuusting. Somehow, this did not stop us from staying up embarrassingly late. Again and again.  It was a fabulous trip.

Henry had his face painted like Batman. Serious Batman.

And happy Batman.

We took wild advantage of the Summer Dollar Movies deal at Regal Cinemas. Seriously, we went almost every week. IT WAS A DOLLAR!

The two bestest gals in the entire universe drove up to Richmond and surprised me for my birthday. It was, by far, my best present this year. (And my parent's got me an iPad mini for my bday too, so that's REALLY saying a lot. Thanks girls. :))

We had dinner with some of our all-time favorite people, the Conrads. This pic is of our kids, with their two youngest kids. I felt BOTH of those GIANT kids (kids? can I even call them that anymore??) kick while they were in their mama's belly. I held both of them in the hospital, while they were less than 48 hours old. I babysat them frequently. Now they're old enough to babysit my kids. That's weird, guys. Weird and really, really awesome.

We spent many many many many many mornings at Maymont. These pics are at the nature center, where the most entertaining animal for my kids is the Giant Snapping Turtle. Henry pronounces him "cooler than the otters, but not very cute like the otters." Maggie says he is "scaaaaawy!"
I'm with Maggie.

We went on another AMAZING family vacation. DanDan caught his first fish ever. Also, Henry discovered he loved fishing. (Family- if you're reading this, I have almost NO pictures from the lake house this year!! Can you send me some?? Pleeease???)

Maggie accessorized some more. (This will be a theme in subsequent months. Get ready to die of the cute.)

We went to the splashpad. Lots of splashpads. I miss the splashpads.

We confirmed (with this adorable picture) that the next Williamson would be making her arrival in Spring of 2014! Far and away, the most exciting August event.
(Also, I LOVE that they label the picture with "BABY." You know, in case later you're looking back and wondering... "Now why did I have my OBGYN do this ultrasound... and what is that sweet little peanut shape with arms...")

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