Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Post-Easter Apocalypse

 Since Easter, the following events have occurred:

  • Henry got a 24-hour stomach bug
  • Henry got better
  • I got my wisdom teeth removed
  • It hurt
  • I got the stomach flu. It was not the 24 hour version.
  • Maggie got the stomach flu
  • Three hours later, Henry got the stomach flu
  • Neither was the 24 hour version
  • I did 3746573 loads of laundry
  • I sprayed Lysol and/or bleach on 237462378 different surfaces
  • I cursed the stomach flu and told it to go rot in Hades
Five days later, both kids STILL are running low-grade fevers and eating very little. FIVE DAYS, YA'LL.

I hear that it is finally acting like springtime out there. I cannot say for sure because no one wants to go outside. I literally BRIBED Henry to go outside for twenty minutes yesterday. I told him he could shoot me in the face with his water gun if we could go play outside. Yeah, in my face. THAT'S where we are are this week.

So, obviously, I have no cute pictures or fun blog fodder from the past two weeks. But what I DO have, is a faint ray of hope that one day soon we will emerge from this tunnel of sick. That there will one day soon be a day where no one is feverish or whiny or vomity or clingy or explosive-diarrheay or cranky or headachy or any other sicky-type-things.

Oh, and, I also have these pictures of Easter.

EASTER! Remember Easter?!?! That time before the death plague fell on our house! Easter! We had brunch with friends!  We ate candy! People smiled and laughed! Awwww, Easter, I miss you. Let's reminisce...

The baskets:

Enjoying their loot:

(Henry's boxing gloves and Maggie's fluffy Easter dress both courtesy of Mumsie & Annie. And, obviously, both huge hits.)

The (indoor) Easter egg hunt:

The requisite family picture:

Look how happy we are! Clearly, we had no idea that in a few short hours, someone was going to puke jellybeans.

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