Thursday, March 21, 2013


Maggie has a rather charming habit of waving at everybody she sees. And, because she's cuter than a puppy, a LOT of people wave back.

Henry likes to say "Maggie's makin' friends."

I think that's a very decorous way of saying "Maggie is a huge flirt."

Today, in fact, a random man in a store (who Maggie was waving and flirting with, of course) told me, and I quote, "You better tell your husband to go ahead and buy a shotgun now, 'cause the boys are going to be comin' around that girl."

You guys.

Seriously. He may have a point.

How worried do you think I should be??


  1. david just started waving at people in other cars (at stoplights and stuff), does maggie do that, too?
    (just to be clear, i mean my son. not your husband. but maybe he does it, too??)