Thursday, February 21, 2013

January Photo Stream

For Christmas, David & I got ourselves a new computer.

Well, actually Santa got it for us. But, since Santa & I share a joint checking account...

It was a long overdue purchase: we'd been sharing one laptop for almost out entire marriage (I know, AMAZING our marriage withstood that kind of hardship) and it was 5 years old and... well... lets just say, it served us well for a long time, and it deserved to be retired. (i.e. IT WAS SO SLOW IT MADE YOU WANT TO BANG YOUR FACE AGAINST THE KEYS)

David uses the computer daily for his writing, and I use it a lot for at-home work, so it was a TOTALLY JUSTIFIED purchase. Plus, blogging. Can't do THAT without a computer.

(Also, I'm so sorry that I made you read all that. It's just that I'm so incredibly cheap that when I do make a big purchase I have to justify it to myself over and over and over again so I don't drown in my own financial guilt. Thank you for listening.)

So, ANYWAY, we got the dang computer, after I was done wailing and gnashing my teeth, and guess what? It's amahhhhhhhzing.  AHHHHHHHMAHHHHHZING.

I have a torrid love affair with Apple products (which is funny, since I can neither afford them, nor am I especially technologically gifted) and this one is no exception. I keep discovering new things that it can do and squealing for joy. I just feel like the MacBook WANTS to make my life easier every day. There are not many things that do that for me, so obviously I'm attached.

Last week, I was uploading pictures from my camera and iPhoto AUTOMATICALLY sorted them into EVENTS for me. I kid you not. And THEN, when I was looking through my photo stream to find a picture I had taken with my phone, I realized that it had categorized all of my iPhone pictures by month for me, and sorted them into lovely little folders. LOVELY LITTLE FOLDERS, YOU GUYS. I love folders. I love this computer.

If only the MacBook could help me with the laundry situation...

So, courtesy of my computer, here's our January, as told by phone photos:
Baby Ellen!
Henry's First Interview 
Bubbles Boy
Bubbles Baby
(Side Note: Immediately after those pictures were taken, Henry totally freaked out because he couldn't get the bubbles to rub completely off of his arms, and because Maggie kept getting MORE bubbles on him and splashing his face and shrieking with joy. And OBVIOUSLY, that's an intolerable combination of events.)


Flu Shot, Yo.
(Another Side Note: When Henry got his flu shot, he Did. Not. Cry. I'm not even kidding you. So, bath bubbles: totally freak-out worthy, sharp needle plunging into arm: not so much.)


This January brought to you by Apple Products.*

*And, no, I am obviously not a big enough deal to do sponsored posts, and especially not a big enough deal to do sponsored posts for Apple. So, duh, this is not a sponsored post. But, Apple, if you are listening I LOVE YOU, AND YOUR STORES MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I'M LIVING IN THE FUTURE, AND THIS COMPUTER IS SO NICE TO ME, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.


  1. Did you guys go new or refurbished? I would LIKE in theory (theory being the land where someone else pays for everything) to switch to an Apple laptop as we are on a dying Vaio that is 5 years old and also makes me want to bang my head on the keys, but I just cannot get over the price tag for a Mac!

    1. We went new. The price tag was a huge deal... but oh my gosh, i just love the dang thing so much.

  2. i am so with you on apple products. i'm still using an ibook i bought in 2005. that's right. it's so old that mozilla (or google chrome) doesn't even make browsers that are compatible with the OS, so i use an old OS...but it still works. HELLO!? if that doesn't make you a believer then WHAT WILL!!!?!?? i'll tell you what: LOVELY LITTLE FOLDERS!

    also, i got a huge kick out of seeing the kids in their hats :)