Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christmas in February

We DID celebrate Christmas in December, but you didn't get to enjoy the PICTURES until February. Which is sort of nice, because who's not ready for a little Christmas by February, right??

February has always been my least favorite month because it's so gray and dreary, and the sparkle of the new year has worn off, and it's gray and dreary, and I always hated Valentine's day, and it's gray and dreary. Did I mention the grayness? The dreariness? 

And then, I went and got married in February, and then a few years later Henry was born in February and the month was (mostly) redeemed  Except for the gray & dreary part. February's apparently not budging in that department.

So, just for you (and for me, too, I suppose) here's a little spot of Christmasyness on this (suprise!) gray & dreary February afternoon.

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Morning:

Christmas Evening:

Second Christmas:

 Only 10 more months, until next Christmas...

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