Monday, January 14, 2013

Into January!

It's my goal to sort through and post Christmas pictures before January 25th. That's fair, right? A month?

But I feel like I'm cheating to just go on posting things about our January life before I'm caught up on our December life. That's silly, right? You guys don't care, do you?

To make myself feel better, I'm posting one picture from Christmas morning, and then tomorrow, it's January life!

And, just to keep you coming back for more, Henry smeared my lipstick all over his face this morning, thinking it was the same as Chapstick, and I took a picture of him while he was all lipsticky and crying about being red and sticky and JUST WANTING CHAPSTICK, for the love.

So, you know, look forward to tommorrow's post, where I exploit my son's misery for humor value! (And, posterity. Posterity is always my excuse for sharing embarrasing photos.)

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