Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, My Little Magpie!

Dear Maggie,

Don't tell your father, but I've fallen in love with someone else.

It's you.

the morning of your birthday!
I don't think he'll mind all that much though, seeing as he's quite smitten with you himself.

Maggie, you are, quite honestly, the sweetest baby girl I ever could have hoped for. You are so free with your smiles, generous with your giggles, so full of fun. The way you snuggle up with me when I pick you up from a nap, or when I come home and see you for the first time, the way you smoosh your face into my neck and shoulder and squeeze, ohhhhhhh Maggie. Baby girl, it gets me every time. Every. Single. Time.

You had your first birthday a month ago, and I really need to write a little update for you soon. Record all the fun things you are doing, like walking and dancing and climbing and pointing and squealing and snuggling; all of the ways you are changing. And maybe I'll do that soon. But somehow, today, documenting all those little milestones feels like missing the forest for the trees. (Really, really, REALLY awesome trees! But, still, trees.)

So today, while you're asleep in your crib a few rooms away, today, while time is flying by, today I think I'll just try to tell you how much I love you, and then post your birthday pictures.

Pictures of the day when we celebrated the incredible gift of getting to spend a whole entire year with you. The gift of getting to know this sweet, stubborn, effusive, friendly, cuddly little girl. The gift of being able to call you our own. Our daughter. Our sweet baby girl.

Maggie, we love you so much. We love you on the days when you are all smiles, all cuddles, all toddling around and pointing and smiling and laughing, on the days when you are so incredibly easy to love. And we love you on the days when it is not so easy. And on all the days in-between. We love you like we never imagined we could. (And, your Bubba Henry loves you too! We can tell by the way he brings you toys and smushes his face in your belly to make you laugh.)

Your dad and I pray for you all the time, Maggie. We pray for little things like sleeping all night and not trying to eat the power cords, and we pray for bigger things like learning to obey and be kind, and we pray for your safety and for your faith and for your heart. We pray for the sweet little munchkin that you are today, and for the big girl that you are quickly growing up to be, and we pray for the woman you will become one day.

And Maggie, if your first year is any indicator, that woman will be pretty damn awesome. I seriously cannot wait to meet her. (No rush or anything, though. The whole 'growing up' thing makes me panic, so feel free to take your time.)

The first year of life with you has been one of the greatest blessings and deepest joys of my life. I am so incredibly thankful to be your mother. So incredibly thankful that you are my daughter. So incredibly thankful that you are the one who grew our family to four. Every morning that I get to scoop you out of that crib, and feel your warm body and your sweet baby breath and your chubby little baby-armed hugs I am incredibly, almost unbearably, thankful. Thankful for who you are and thankful that you are mine.

I love you, baby girl. Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kisskisskiss!


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  1. Why am I reading this blog at work? Because your daughter is distractingly cute. We need to hang out.