Sunday, December 16, 2012

December, Lots of Days

You guys didn't really expect me to stay on top of posting every day in December, did you?

Oh, thank goodness! I really, REALLY appreciate your low expectations. I value that in my friends.

Now, here we go:

Dec 6.1 Celebrate Sweet Maggie!! The best early Christmas present EVER!
6.2 Go Christmas shopping for our Angel Tree kid

Dec 7.1 Wrap presents for Maggie!

7.2 Make handprint wreaths to give to Nana & Papa and Mumsie & Papa Boss

Dec 8 Have a PARTY for SWEET MAGGIE!
(a boatload of pics for this. separate post coming soon to a theater near you!)

Dec 9 Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas

Dec 10 Do Christmas craft: Make fluffy snowmen!

Dec 11 Bake Christmas cookies together!

Dec 12.1 Go the Christmas Cookie Swap
Dec 12.2 Deliver Christmas cookies to all of our neighbors

Dec 13 Do a Christmas craft: Make Reindeer Ornament

Dec 14 Put on pajamas, build a fire, and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Dec 15.1 Go Christmas shopping with Daddy! (for Mommy)
15.2 Make a list for Santa
15.3 Go see Santa Claus at the Library!

Henry: Deeply Skeptical.

Maggie: Completely Enthralled.

Henry: Warming up...

 Santa: So Jolly.

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  1. I love it!! We, too, celebrate our little girl in December- love December little girls!! And I love your activities- so cute!!