Monday, October 15, 2012

Still Alive, But Buried In Laundry

Heyyyy blog-o-sphere! We are still alive over here; look, I have this picture of my kids in jammies to prove it:

David and I are alive also, just not pictured, per usual.

Update On Our Life/Reasons I Have Not Blogged:

Last weekend we went camping with a bunch of friends, then it took me until about Wednesday to climb out from underneath the pile of camping gear and laundry. It was a wild success on all fronts but one: the pack & play still has a lingering campfire smell that I can't quiiiite seem to get rid of. It's not really a problem, except for every time I walk by it, I want a s'more.

This past weekend my family came to visit (YAAAAAAY!) becuase my cousin was getting married in VA Beach. So, by the time I had finished putting us to rights after the camping trip (Wednesday), it was time to start getting the house ready for company coming on Friday. Gah! (This might be confusing for some of you, as it might not take you two full days to prepare your house for company. Let me clarify: my particular brand of housecleaning involves mostly NOT cleaning until the threat of visitors looms large, then I realize that things are growing in our shower and I have not weeded in a month and that the sofa cushions are housing 2 servings of cheerios between them, and then I turn into a demonic tornadoish frenzy of scrubbing and spraying and wiping until the house is marginally decent. So, henceforth, two days to get ready.)

Then, we had a fabulous weekend together, the results of which are as follows:
  • a semi-decent family picture that includes all four of us sort of looking at the camera/sort of smiling
  • children who took three hour naps yesterday because they were so exhausted
  • a maxed out camera card (879 pictures and a few videos)
  • a pile of clean laundry on my dining room table that includes every set of sheets and every towel that we own, I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU
Despite the laundry avalanche, it's been two incredibly fun weekends in a row, and though the fun & subsequent fun-recovery have kept me from blogging, they have also provided me with a BEVY of blogging material. Get excited.

I also have a couple of personal updates (not related to the kids, OMG, IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Yes, yes it is.) that I keep meaning to post about, so if you're very, very lucky perhaps I'll intersperse a little grown-up talk in with the majillion pictures of my children I plan to subject you to over the next few weeks.

Happy Monday, y'all. I'm off to fold laundry until my hands fall of.

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