Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Henry's Vacation Highlights

So, in the past two posts I shared with you Maggie's highlights of our vacation week (nursing & meat paci, duh!) so today I'll share some of Henry's highlights from our vacation.

1. Lollipops. And Thomas the Train fruit snacks. And graham crackers (pronounced 'damn crackers' by Henry. I'll just let you imagine how much fun I've had with THAT over the past few weeks...) And basically all the sweet treats he asked for all week, because it's vacation and because he's so darn cute. And persistent. Man, is he EVER persistent.

2. Fake Snake! He loved that thing. OF COURSE HE DID, he's a two year old BOY. He also loved this long narrow stretch of back deck, and would have 'races' up and down it with Mumsie. I think Frank also pulled him up and down it a couple times, using an empty cooler for a wagon. Nuncles are fun, man.

3. The Art of Oral Storytelling. Nuncle Justin regaled Henry with stories of sharks and bears and other ferocious animals all week long. He was captivated and required multiple repetitions of every story. At some point during the week, Nuncle Mark also took him out in the front yard to 'check for bears.' Now, he checks for bears every time we walk to our car. I tried to explain to him that there are no bears in our driveway, or in the Costco parking lot, or at the library playground, but he insists.

"I jus' checkin' Mama. I jus' checkin' to see if dere bears here."

Check away, son, check away.

4. Henry's Apex of Joy. In this picture, Henry is (A) sitting in an AWESOME giraffe chair that was at the river house, (B) using a 'grown up' water bottle that he put a yellow beer coozy on and toted around all week, and (C) watching Monsters Inc. on Annie's portable DVD player for, like, the 745,897,234th time that week. What? It was vacation. Cartoons for everyone!!

We love LOTS of things about you Henry, but one of my favorites is your ability to find joy and delight in the smallest of things. It's one of the most lovely aspects of your budding personality, and I hope you never lose it. Seeing you joyful brings me more joy than I could have imagined. So, seriously, keep it up. :)


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  1. I'm in love with this post. However, mildly terrified at the fake snakes part of my life that is fast approaching. Why snakes?! WHY?!

    PS - my parents SUBURBAN house in CHESAPEAKE had a bear, a fox, and a bonafide rattlesnake in their backyard a few weeks ago. Um. Excuse me, what?