Saturday, July 14, 2012

We Appreciate Cows

Chick-Fil-A had their Cow Appreciation Day yesterday, where they'll give you a FREE meal if you show up dressed like a cow.

So, uh, obviously:
I called my friend Ashley the night before to see if she wanted to dress her boys as cows too, and make a morning of it together. The fact that she responded with enthusiasm just made me love her more.

Good friends are always up for a little humiliation.

Our calves in the parking lot:

 Have you ever tried to get 3 little boys to look at the camera at once? Yeah. It ain't gonna happen.

And, Ashley and I...

well, apparantly, the price of our dignity is a chicken sandwich.

And, in fact, I'm so shameless that I even considered asking for a free dessert, since at one point during our visit I was nursing Maggie WHILE DRESSED LIKE A COW. Yeah, that's right. Show me one other cow in that restaurant with functioning udders.

I WIN, DON'T I? Yes, yes I do.


  1. OMG. You are amazing. If I was in charge this would equal free Chik-fil-A for life.

    1. Thanks V! I really, really wish you were in charge. :)