Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Special Bear(s) Update

It's been awhile since I mentioned  Special Bear, and I know that all of his devoted fans must be clamoring for an update by now.

He's doing great! Here he is, with Big Boy Special Bear, looking as happy as ever!

Okay, I lied a little.

He looks great from afar, but if you get close, you maaaay notice that his left eye is a little wonky. Despite my best attempts at protecting him, and Big Boy Special Bear's diligent watchfulness, Special Bear did suffer a final Sweet Potato attack a few months ago.

And, since there are NO REPLACEMENT SPECIAL BEARS LEFT IN THE WORLD, I had to summon my inner Martha Stewart and attempt to sew his eye back on.

My inner Martha Stewart had apparently been drinking, because she sewed his eye on a little high and a little too close to center.

But thankfully, Henry loves Special Bear anyway and did not even care that his eye was wonky. Now, THAT'S true love, people.

And, speaking of love, Special Bear got feisty recently, and had a romantic fling, with Pink Bear. Pink Bear belongs to L, and she brought him over almost every day this past year, and, well.... you know how these things get started.

She's a hotty, no? Don't worry, Big Boy Special Bear was there to chaperone. No illegitimate bear babies running around this house, thankyouverymuch.

Now, not to end on a sad note or anything, but I did finally bring myself to dispose of the Special Bear carcasses from Sweet Potato's previous attacks. I had shoved them in the back of a drawer, and found them in a burst of spring cleaning fury a few weeks ago. (Yeah, I know it's summer. My spring cleaning fury shows up when it's ready, okay?)

I have no idea why I put them there, since my bear-repair skills are so clearly lacking. It's not like I was hoping to bring them back to life, I think I just felt guilty throwing them away.

But, spring cleaning got the best of me, and I did indeed throw them away. Here they are, in their final, peaceful moments.
RIP Special Bears I & II
The good news is that Sweet Potato has shown no interest in Special Bear for months now, and I am choosing to believe that this is a permanent change in her tastes.

It better be, because we are just not equipped to handle another bear tragedy in this house, and I really do not want to have to summon up my inner Martha anymore.

She's quite unreliable and tends to curse while sewing.

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