Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Graduversary Weekend

A couple of weekends ago we visited my parents. It was Frank's high school graduation (!!!) and my parent's 30th wedding anniversary was that week as well, so we had planned to suprise them with a little celebration.

In my typical fashion I have NO photos of the actual events- the surprise lunch for my parents on Saturday OR Frank's graduation ceremony on Sunday. (Never, ever hire me as a photographer for ANYTHING important. My unreliability is downright reliable!)

You will just have to trust me on these facts, since there is no photo evidence:
  •  The Surprise Anniversary Lunch was a success! We went to Clyde's, it was delicious, we got everyone (all of my siblings & spouses & children) there on time, and- the real feat- I think we actually surprised my parents. They are NOT easy to pull one over on, so we were all proud of ourselves.
  • Frank graduated from high school! Holy Cow! He's heading to VT in the fall. This makes two Earley kids who went to VT, two at UVA, and only oneeeeeee lonely me who went to W&M. I'm trying to convice Annie to follow in my footsteps, but it's not looking good.
  • Continuing in the theme of surprises, we all went in together to get Frank an new iPhone 4 as a graduation present. The look on his face when he opened it was HILARIOUS.
Now, although I do not have any pictures of The Big Events, I do have this lovely smattering of photos from hanging out all weekend. And, since this blog often functions as a virtual shoebox to shove my pictures in, here they are!!

Annie teaching Henry the ways of Karaoke. Help us all.

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