Friday, June 29, 2012

Rolling Over: A Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I'm handing the blog over to Maggie who will be doing a guest post entitled Rolling Over: A Tutorial. She's very skilled in this area, quite well known in her field, and I'm so excited to have her here today, sharing her knowledge with all of you. Feel free to follow up with her if you have any questions! She loves feedback!

Hey guys! Margaret here. My very first tip for rolling over is not to rush it. You've got time! Floor space! I know, there are so many things to investigate, but really, don't pressure yourself. Your mom will most likely continue to lay you in the same spot on the floor until you prove that you have conquered it, and she'll tend NOT to move dangerous objects until you've gotten ahold of them at LEAST once. So really, pressure's off.

Once you're ready, take a minute to rev up. Taste the air, bounce your arms up and down a little, feel the energy in your core.

Then, kick your legs up and down to give yourself a little momentum,

and just TOSS your body over! Now, the key is getting that top hip over, and once you've done that it's a win.

Come on, you can do it! Don't make me get all Jillian Micheals on you! It's totally worth it- DO IT! ROLL! ROOOOLLLLLLLL!

Now, harness that momentum, and prepare for your landing with your free arm. And, seriously, watch your face. I've slammed my adorable button nose into the carpet more times than I care to count.

Phew! We did it!!! Totally worth the effort, right?!?!

So glad to be a part of your milestone successes today, guys! Thanks for having me! Now, a few housekeeping things:

My mom wanted you to know that I'll be back in a few weeks to guest post on my first forays into eating grown-up foods. It's called, "Solids: Who Needs 'Em."

Also, my big brother will be by soon to do a guest post entitled "Aim High: On Getting Your Stream INTO The Potty." Very helpful tips & pointers.

My brother is also working on another project that he hopes to debut soon- a mathematical matrix that shows how many combinations of requests he can use to call my mom & dad back into the bedroom AFTER he's been put to bed. It's quite fascinating. He's compiled a list of all the needs/excuses/requests that he hollers out from his bed, and he's assigning each one a numerical value. Each value will factor in the legitimacy of his request, the number of times it produces a response from mom and dad, and the level of fury that it incites in mom. There's also an equation that predicts how quickly each subsequent request will escalate the situation, and hopefully when he's finished the testing, it will be able to pinpoint exactly when a particular request will trigger a total meltdown, and whether that meltdown will be his or my mother's. Really fascinating stuff. Hopefully he'll be ready to share it soon. If my mother doesn't kill him first.

Thanks again for reading my post! Have a great weekend! And, Happy Rolling!

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