Thursday, June 14, 2012


This is my daughter, Maggie.

She is 6 months old.

HOLY CRAPBALLS! Six months!?! Are you sure?!?!

Yes. I am sure. Check the date for yourself.

Plus, she has the toofins to prove it.

Clearly, she is supercute. Every day, every way, no way around it: supercute.
But, did you happen to notice that she has been EVEN CUTER THAN USUAL in today's photo shoot???

Well, she has been.

It's because she's wearing these adorable onsies that my lovely friend Chelle made.
See the birdy?! You love him, right?? I love him too.

Chelle thrifts onesies, and then hand-stitches little cutout pieces of fabric to them to make little animals, ships, airplanes, whatever you can think of.

They are all UNSPEAKABLY cute. Here are the two other ones she made for Maggie; a baby buggy and an elephant:

The elephant. She is so cute. So very, very, cute.

I love these onesies. I love ALL onesies, to be honest, but these have definitely become my favorite to dress Maggie in.

I also really love having crafty friends. (Even if does make me feel bad about myself sometimes.)
Thanks for the onesies, Chelle! Maggie loves them! (And, obviously, I do too.)

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