Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby's First Fever

 Maggie has a fever. Booooooooooooooooo.

She got it in the middle of the night last night and is still running toasty temperatures this afternoon. Poor baby girl.

I have said this before, but I hate it when my kids are sick. I am not a good sick-kid mom. I get anxious and stressed and twitchy. I wish I could say that I had gotten better at it this time around, but nooooooope. I still fight the compulsive urge to take her temperature every 15 minutes and call the pediatrician JUST IN CASE, even though I know exaaaaaaactly what she will say.

Maybe by the 3rd kid I won't freak out? The 4th? Maybe never? Ugh.

However, I have improved in one sick-kid mothering aspect.

My personal secret to handling a poor sick baby and not falling apart is that I give myself the Quit Everything Else Pep Talk.

It goes like this:

"Self, listen up. Your job is to snuggle and nurse today. And ONLY to snuggle and nurse.

Did you hear me?



That's it.

Let the laundry sit,

 let the dishes fester,

and let all well children have free reign over the house today.

I mean, mostly free reign. You still need to feed them and take them to the potty and stuff. But really, relax those standards, girl

TV? Suuuure.

Build a fort with the sofa cushions? You got it.

Get out every book and toy within a 2354234 mile radius and leave them strewn about the house? Ugh. Okay, fine.

Sit on the dog's face? Uh, nope. No way. I guess that's where we'll draw the line today. No sitting on the doggie, please.

So strap on that Moby wrap, forget your schedule, and hide the to-do list. The mess will be there tomorrow, I guarantee it!  You can plan a better day for everyone else tomorrow, too.

Today, it's all about this girl.

And she would really just like to snuggle. And nurse.

Oh, and, ummm, Self? There's just one more leeeeeetle teeeeny tiiiny thing.

When Henry pees on the sofa today, just... well... I dunno. Maybe just try to remember that you can have a nice glass of wine tonight after everyone's asleep. And you can drink it on the OTHER side of the sofa."

End Pep Talk.

Works every time, guys. Works every time.


  1. feel better miss maggie!
    (and those dishes don't look like they're festering to me; they look like they're soaking!

  2. You are so right! Nurse and snuggle away! I do nothing but nurse and snuggle each night while dishes *soak* until the morning. The more nursing and snuggling pre-bed time = more sleeping at night.