Thursday, May 24, 2012


This weekend starts TODAY.

I am posting from somewhere along I-95, heading up to Northern Virginia to start celebrating THIS:
It's Mary Catherine's wedding!!! 

(Now For A Bunch of Annoying Side Notes: 

1. Poor Mary, she looks kind of exhausted in that picture. It was the night of her Bachelorette Shindig and she was so tietie. (tired.) But the hat! The hat must be immortalized!

2. Also, a glimpse of the future:
Wha?? Noooooooooo! 

3. This is a picture of both of my sister-in-laws. 

Aren't they pretty?!?! I know. My brothers got lucky. Also, that's Whit peeking out of Lauren's little pouch. I know, you want to kiss him so bad, don't you? Me too.

End Side Notes.)


We're going! We're on the way! I have a dress! David has his groomsman clothes! The kids have clean and respectable looking outfits to wear! I have a hair appointment! David has brewed over 250 bottles of beer to serve at the reception! (Did you know that was a his secret hobby? It is a DELICIOUS hobby. I highly recommend encouraging your own husbands to pick it up.) The maid-of-honor toast is written! I plan to carry a jumbo-sized box of tissues up the aisle with me! Don't worry, I'll hide it in my bouquet!

What I'm trying to say is, WE ARE READY.

I'll be back on Tuesday. I'll probably have some pictures or something. If you think about it, pray that our children don't, you know, ruin anything important.

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is splendid (and weddingy!)


  1. yay! congrats to mary catherine!
    enjoy. being a maid-of-honor to your sister is absolutely the best. i'll never forget when i gave the toast at my sister's wedding.
    it went something like this:
    "kriste...sob...sob...i just...sob...i can't say anything so...sob...i'll just say i love you so much!!"
    and then i sat down because, seriously? i think i'd embarrassed myself enough.

  2. Sigh, I'm just going to leave yet another nostalgic comment...I can't believe Mary Catherine is getting MARRIED! I still remember her the little kid sister, crashing our 7th grade sleepovers!

    I hope she has a beautiful day! Can't wait to see pictures!

    Sidenote: When my husband's little brother got married and he was totally an annoying little brother who grew up and became his best bud, Todd managed to work "let the wookie win" into his best man speech. It was kind of amazing.