Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Things About This Weekend

Things About This Weekend,
Provided In Bullet Point Fashion,
Because I Am So Tired And Do Not Think That I Can Make Paragraphs Happen,
But I Also Do Not Want To Leave My Gagillions Of Fans Hanging,
That's Right, I Said Gagillion:

1. It worked! They got married! HOORAY!

2. My kids did not ruin anything important! HOORAY!

3. In fact, both children were shockingly well-behaved at the reception, despite the fact that we kept them out hours and hours past their bedtime. Maggie was passed around to many friends and family, because she is cuter than a puppy, and then fell asleep for the rest of the night in the Moby Wrap. Win. Henry danced his little baby heart out with his Daddy. Double Win.

4. I like false eyelashes. I look so awake and pretty with them.

5. I did not take pictures at the wedding or reception. I was busy. BUT, there was a photographer! You can pay people to take pictures these days! So pictures were taken! And, eventually, I will show you them.  SPOILER ALERT: MC was lovely. And hot.

6. We drove home late last night (hence the being too tired to write in paragraphs) and both kids fell asleep within the first 30 minutes AND stayed asleep the entire time AND there was no traffic. A MEMORIAL DAY MIRACLE!

7. There were sparklers at the reception. Henry has discovered that he loves fire. Consider this your public service announcement.

8. Let's review point #1 again, shall we? They got married! It worked! My baby sister is married. Holy Cowbells.

9. I did not even cry at the ceremony!!! I was a little teary, but no cry-crying. Which is wonderful, because I am not a pretty crier. But, all that waterproof eye makeup! For nothing!

10. I am sorry that there are no pictures in this post. See: so tired. See: #5.

11. I am glad to be home.

12. I cannot wait until they get back from the honeymoon.

13. Ethiopian food is DEEEELICIOUS. Dan's family served it at the rehearsal dinner. I plan to eat more of it soon.

14. I can't think of anything else. 14 is a weird number to end on. It's ending anyway. See you tomorrow. I think I'm going to take teenytiny little nap while the kids are napping. Maybe. We'll see. First, I have to...


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  1. As one of your gagillion fans, I am really appreciative that you took the time to update us! Sounds like it was a great weekend!