Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Her Grand Scheme

Oh, hey Mama!


Oh no, I'm cool. Woke up, busted out of my swaddle, flipped over, and now I'm just talking to my zebra.

Yeah, yeah, go back to whatever you were doing. I'll yell if I need you.

Oh, hey, before you go, meant to tell you- I got my first tooth yesterday! Sorry, I forgot to warn you that was coming by changing my eating habits, sleeping patterns, or general disposition, LIKE ANY NORMAL BABY MIGHT DO IF SOMETHING SHARP AND POINTY WAS POKING THROUGH THEIR TENDER MOUTH SKIN.

You know, I'm just not into all that drama.

Plus, I want like a million brothers and sisters, so I'm trying to convince you & Dad that it's a good idea by being The World's Most Perfect And Stress Free Baby!

Whadda ya think? Is it working??


  1. Rachel, your enjoyment of motherhood and especially your soaking-up-the-joy of your kids inspires me and makes me want to have more kids! Love it!