Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Go Zoo Taday?

 We went to the zoo a few weekends ago when we had a free Saturday. I do not know how we managed to have a free Saturday. It was like magic. I want another one.

Here's Henry & David in front of the squirrel monkeys. The pictures don't really capture it, but Henry was having an absolute freakout-of-joy at the monkey exhibit. If you look closely you can see that he is clutching the hem of his shirt, which he had been yanking up and down as he bounced and shrieked "I see a monkey! I see anoder one! ANODER ONE! DADA, MO MONKEYS OVA DERE!" David is crouching next to him to ensure that he does not hurl his body through the glass in an attempt to be one with the monkeys. He is an excellent father.

This is me and Maggie. See how happy I look? That is because I had not yet realized that I would be asked every subsequent day after this day if we could "Go zoo taday? Pullease?"
 There were also snowcones. I mean, it's no monkey, but it was pretty good.
 And Maggie. Sweet Maggie. Zonked out in the stroller like the dream baby that she is.
When Henry asks me every morning if we can "go zoo taday?" I usually distract him by asking him to tell me what animals he liked seeing the best at the zoo.

"Monkeys, giwwafes, ewephant, tiga, beaw, snakes- SSSSSSS, fwoggies..."

By the time he's done, thirty minutes later, he's usually forgotten why he even started listing animals in the first place. WIN! I'm like a scam artist. Who only deals with toddlers.

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