Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cute & Clever

I was getting Maggie dressed yesterday morning when I noticed, for the first time, the little tag on the front of her shirt.

And, I was like, "YES! Exactly! She IS Cute & Clever."

Now, normally, I prefer clothes without words on them for my kids. For no good reason, really. The things they write on them just seem either underwhelming or obvious.

"Mommy Loves Me!" Um, duh. Of course she does. Look at you!
"Daddy's Little Guy" Let's hope so, right? Otherwise, daddy's gonna be piiiiissed.
"Adorable" Adorable? Really? Do we really need to write 'adorable' on the baby that is so OVER THE TOP adorable that he/she causes a hormone flux in any child-bearing-age women within a 5 mile radius?

It just seems silly, is all. (Also, let the babies speak for themselves! Power to the people!)

But for some reason, Cute & Clever really did it for me.

Perhaps because Carter's brand, has gone the extra mile to recognize BOTH my daughters beauty AND her burgeoning clever baby brain.

See??? She found her feet! So clever!

And, duh, so cute.


  1. i am so with you about words on clothes. sometimes they are right on (hello cute and clever!), but most of the time...not so much. especially words on daughter will NEVER wear shorts with "juicy" on the butt. NEVER.

  2. What if it say "W&M" on the butt? Are we making exceptions for that?

  3. Catherine had that same outfit and the friend who bought it for her did so because it affirmed both her looks AND her brains. :) My pet peeve is the kid clothing that says "Here Comes Trouble" or "Little Monster" or something negative. Boo.