Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A couple of nights ago, I was making dinner and Henry wanted to help. He always wants to help. So, I let him pull a chair over to stand on, gave him a sharp knife, some raw meat, a pot of boiling water and told him to go to town!

KIDDING, kidding, kidding. I really gave him a baking sheet and a bag of broccoli and then gave him this TOTALLY AGE APPROPRIATE task: "Here Henry, we're going to make roasted broccoli. Take the pieces out of this bag one at a time and put them on the pan, and then we'll put them in the oven."

Just then, I hear Maggie starting to stir in her crib, so I leave him to his industrious broccoli task and go get her. She has a SERIOUS diaper, so I change her before going back into the kitchen.

When I return to the kitchen, there is Henry, on his chair with a baking sheet full of broccoli. Hooray! He's a culinary genius! What a kid!

"Great job!" I chirped. "You did so well! You filled up the whole..."

Then I got closer. He HAD filled up the whole pan.

And every single piece of broccoli had one hearty bite taken out of it.


I suppose I should just be glad he likes vegetables, yes?

(We totally ate the whole pan anyway. In case you were wondering how we roll. With the punches, friends, with the punches.)

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  1. Like I always tell Todd, it's a little late to worry about germs at this point...