Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Current Favorite Outfit of Henry:
  • Sport pants (known to most as 'athletic pants')
  • No shoes, no socks (no problem)
  • White t-shirt
  • Hoodie. Zipped up all the way. Hood on. HOOD ALWAYS ON.
  • Hands in pockets

Effects of Current Favorite Outfit on His Mother:
  • She hums the Rocky theme song throughout the day.
  • She often flinches and yells  'No running with hands in pockets! It's gonna hurt! YOU ARE GOING TO FALL."
  • She zips up zippers and pulls up hoods until her HANDS FALL OFF.
  • She makes the decision to do laundry based on how many pairs of 'sport pants' are left in the drawer.


  1. aidan will wear NOTHING but sweat pants because they're "comfotable" and his jackets/sweatshirt MUST be zipped all the way up. at least i've convinced him that he has to wear "nice pants" aka anything but sweats to church, parties, and restaurants.

  2. Sigh- it does my heart good to hear that other boys have the same desired outfits.... I am clearly a "mean" Mom and make Alden wear jeans (the horrrrrrror) at least one day a week to school....