Thursday, April 19, 2012

Please, Do My Work For Me

You guys remember my sweet baby sister Annie, right?

Well she's not really a baby anymore, but as my LITTLEST sister, she still has to put up with the title.

Annie's Spring Break was the week before mine, so my mom, Annie, and Annie's BFFFFFF Kerryn came down to visit for a couple days.

Now, please note: they are not like normal houseguests. I mean, kind of they are. They need a place to sleep and food to eat and I suppose there is some hostessing to be done on my part. (Some. Generally my idea of hostessing is to provide a lot of food, drink, blankets, and pillows, and then let everyone fend for themselves.)

But you guys. You guys. You guys? They mostly just do my work for me.

It's true! I mean it! I can prove it:

They're naturals! They read books! They change diapers! They serve lunch! They do puzzles! They play games! In two WHOLE days, I think I broke up ONE disagreement between the kids, and put ONE person in time out (ahem, HENRY.) I don't even want to TELL YOU what a far cry that is from how many disagreements I USUALLY break up, and how many kids I USUALLY put in time out. Let's just say the discrepancy is... well... large. (sooooooo largggggeeeee)

My mom also folded like 8 bajagazillion loads of laundry for me and vacuumed and washed dishes and did various & sundry other household tasks that usually fall to me, but I did not photo document it. Thanks Mom!!!

It was an amazing two days. I may have encouraged Annie & Kerryn to ditch high school (who needs it!) and move in with me. And, you know, do my work for me for the rest of their natural born lives. (They declined. KIDS THESE DAYS.)

After a few days of hanging out (i.e. them doing my work for me) we all headed up to my parents house in NOVA, where other members of my family continued to... do my work for me.
OH! AND! Baby Whit was there! Eeeeeeeeeek! The cute! Eeek! So, I shared, and Annie did some of Justin & Lauren's work for them, too.

So, you know how people talk about love languages? Like gifts or affection or quality time, etc, etc.? Well, I've always felt really torn about what my love language is. I mean, I LIKE ALL THOSE THINGS, WHY WOULD YOU ASK ME TO CHOOSE JUST ONE??

Well, two years of motherhood has totally clarified this for me.

My love language is when people do my work for me.

Now you know. Spread the word.

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