Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Maggie Update, 4.5 months

Let's start this update off right, shall we?

Maggie LOVES to be nakie. She will happily play by herself on the floor for well over 30 minutes, IF she is naked. Clothed, eh, 10 or 15 minutes by herself and she's bored. Obviously, she is THRILLED about the warmer weather, becuase, you know, more naked time. All that naked floor time has really paid off too, because she DOES NOT STAY WHERE I PUT HER ANYMORE! Egads! She kicks her legs and propels herself right off her blanket, and she can now roll over both ways.  Although, she has not quite harnessed this skill yet- she is still TOTALLY SURPRISED every time it happens. She's also gotten really good at holding herself up when she's on her tummy. Sometimes she looks like she's doing baby push-ups. It's awesome.

Aside from being nakie, Maggie also loves to blow spit bubbles, be held facing outwards, chew on those little linky ring things, stare at faces (ESPECIALLY Henry's), ride in the car, and be talked or sung to.

She is an iiiiiiiincredibly easygoing baby. One night she was really cranky, and it took David maaaaaybe 10 minutes to put her to bed, as opposed to the usual 30 seconds, (we usually just swaddle her and lay her down and she puts herself to sleep) and he was all "Wow, she was really cranky!" and I was like "I know! Rough night! Do you think something's wrong??" and then we both realized that we were complaining/worrying about a baby that took TEN MINUTES to go to bed and then we were embarrased at ourselves.  I do believe that Maggie has ruined us forever for normal babies, and we will only be able to accept more angelic children just like her in the future.

The one thing she does not like is being passed around to different people. It makes her stick out her lower lip. Which is, like, the cutest thing ever. EVER. Also, one time my brother Mark howled at her like a wolf and she FREAKED OUT. But, you know, I think that's totally understandable. He was a VERY realistic wolf. (And, WHO HOWLS AT A BABY?!?)

Despite being a VERY smiley baby girl, Maggie does not give up the belly laughs easily. Henry was super giggly as a baby, but Maggie just smiles at us, unless we really get to work on making her laugh. So, of course, we take this as a challenge and assault her with tickles and kisses until she surrenders. Girlfriend has no idea what she's up against in this house.

Maggie has miraculously fallen into the most beautiful schedule of sleeping from 6:30/7 pm until 6:30/7 am, with one or two feedings during the night, and then taking three 1-2 hour naps during the day, with one extra little 45min catnap thrown in during the late afternoon. She consistently wakes up from her naps, makes these adorable little gurgly noises, then as soon as I walk into the room & peer into her crib, she breaks out into a GIANT grin, and I fall in love with her all over again. It's a vicious cycle, people.

Maggie is currently entertaining the nicknames Magaroni, Mag and Cheese, Magini, Baby Sisser, Millymollymaggie, Little Worm, Wormlet, Little Bug, Buglet, Most Beautiful Daughter and Hey, you! She bears these affronts to her dignity quite well.

If Maggie was on Pintrest, she'd be pinning tutorials on what to do with 1/2 an inch of hair (and how to cover that pesky bald spot in the back,) DIY projects for making pacifiers out of household objects, inspirational quotes about rolling over, and pictures of her dream crib. (It has a milk fountain.)

If Maggie was on Instagram, she'd be posting pictures of my boob all day. And maybe one or two sexy over-the-shoulder-in-the-bathroom-mirror shots of herself, just to keep us on our toes. (!!!She would never!!!)

If Maggie was on Twitter, she'd be tweeting like so:
SweetMag: My feet! OMG!!
SweetMag: Milk. It does a body good. #lalecheleague #breastfeedingbabes
SweetMag: Who's up for some nakie time?? #babynudist
SweetMag: God bless the swaddle. I do love a good swaddle. #lovetonap

We love you Maggie! Your chicken legs are filling out quite nicely, your smile is breathtaking, and I think that bald spot adds character. I couldn't love you more if you were dipped in chocolate and came with a million bucks tucked in your diaper.

Four months worth of kisses,


  1. I've heard rumors and rumors of rumors about second children that are, like, sooooo easy. But Emmett was pretty easy like that, and I fear that easy will not strike twice...

    Love hearing about little Miss Maggie!

  2. three two hour naps!!! rachel! have you called your priest? this is a miracle!
    love maggie's update. and as a second child myself, i'm here to tell you: the second baby is ALWAYS the most angelic.

  3. My second baby was not so... he was even harder than my first (though I thought this was not possible!!).. maybe my 3rd will be? ;)