Friday, March 9, 2012

My Brother's Baby

Hey, do you guys want to see something really cute?

This is my brother...

I know, I know, he's ALMOST as cute as my kids! It's unbelievable!

Okay, okay, in all seriousness, Baby Whit is truly beautiful with the sweetest little baby face and kissy lips and a Very Serious Forehead. And, also, in the spirit of full disclosure, I did not take any of these pictures. In fact, I was so busy kissing the Very Serious Forehead of Baby Whit, that I failed to take ANY pictures AT ALL the whole time we were visiting. (I'm awesome!)

This failing actually happens a lot. I'm great at taking pictures during mundane family time, but I get so excited and distracted at actual Events, that I forget to even take out my camera. Does this happen to you guys? How do I fix it?

ANYWAY, we had a great time visiting with Justin & Lauren and kissing Baby Whit and walking around D.C. and I am more than a little sad that we live 4 hours away and that Baby Whit will be ALL BIG by the time I get to see him again. (And, by 'all big' I do mean, like, maybe 2 months old? Maybe.) I love you Baby Whit!!! Kisses from your Most Favoritest Auntie!!!!

It was so fun to see Justin and Lauren, and especially fun for me to see Justin with Whit. It's really a bizarre thing to watch your sibling become a parent.

I can't help but look at Baby Whit, who is officially Justin Whitmel Jr., and wonder if he will be like his dad as he grows up.

Will he have Justin's bizarre aptitude for being apt at everything he decides to try? Will he beg his parents for a drum set one day? Will he let his friends shoot him in the chest with a potato gun? (Here's hoping no on that last one, eh Justin?) Will he have the same drive and passion, the same perseverance, the same charisma? Will watching him grow up be kind of like growing up with Justin all over again?

I hope so. And, even as I hope so, I'm struck again by how bizarre is is that JUSTIN HAS A BABY. And then, I remember that I HAVE TWO OF THEM, and I feel like I need to sit down.

Because, just a few minutes ago, we were being children together. And now we have children.

Because, like, 5 seconds ago, I was sitting in the bleachers at his little league games yelling 'Go Juice!" We were building a fire in the little pit we dug out in the woods behind our house. Screaming at each other about whether or not there was time to stop for coffee on the drive to school that morning. Helping him put Sun-In on his hair. Going to his band's shows. Sleeping in a truck somewhere in the middle of Canada.

I knew we grew up somewhere along the way. I grew up, he grew up, but when did we get so darn Grown Up?

But then, when we were leaving, Justin was holding the baby. And I kissed Baby Whit goodbye and told him how much I loved him and that I would be back to see him soon and to grow a little bit but not too much, and as I was cooing, Justin & Mark exchanged a look over my head. You know, one of those looks brothers reserve exclusively for their sisters? It expresses deep familiarity and total disdain? You know. And they laughed at me and teased me a little, and, I ignored them and continued to talk baby gibberish because BABY WHIT LOVES IT, AS DO ALL BABIES, so there.

And even though it was a little mean of them to tease me, it was also nice, because even though we are all grown up and everything has changed, apparently, we're still not that grown up, and some things will never change.

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