Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Making It Through The Day

Yesterday was a loooong and busy day.

We had just returned from a weekend trip to visit my family and meet Baby Whit for the first time (more on that later, but the short version is: so fun! so cute! love Baby Whit!) and had returned late on Sunday night.

So, Monday morning I woke up to a house full of dirty clothes, traveling stuff everywhere, and of course, no food in the house. Taaaaaada!

Most of the day was spent on the usual munchkin-centered activities, with a lot of cleaning and unpacking in between. Aaaaand then, when the girls got picked up at 4:45, we still needed to go to the grocery store. SO FUN! KIDS LOVE GOING TO GROCERY STORE AT 5 O'CLOCK! TRY IT!

It was a quick trip, carefully calibrated to procure just enough food to keep everyone alive and happy for a couple days, while also avoiding a nuclear-toddler-meltdown in the checkout line, and then we got back in the car to head home, where an evening of fixing dinner, eating dinner, cleaning up from dinner, baths, pajamas, and bedtimes awaited us. Oh, and I was supposed to meet up with a friend at 7:30, after the bedtime whirlwind.

But, there was one problem. (Besides my general state of sleep-deprivation, exhaustion, and rainy day blues.) At the grocery store, I bought myself a Diet Dr. Pepper, and a York Peppermind Patty. I really needed a treat. And I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY NEEEEEEEDED a moment to myself to enjoy said treat properly.

And there was no earthly way that I was going to get a moment to myself until like, 9pm. In 2028.

So, I made a weird, but excellent decision. I turned up the WeeSing CD to placate my car-loving children, and drove in circles around our neighborhood, while drinking my deliciously carbonated beverage and eating my minty treat.

Guys, sometimes, you just need to make it through the day. And even though my neighbors probably all think I've completely lost it, that 10 minutes of driving 20 mph in circles was... restorative. And I made it through the day.

I will most likely do it again sometime. But... maybe in another neighborhood where no one knows me.


  1. That is so funny I can so picture that! And may or may not admit to doing the same thing a time or two? I might be guilty of taking the long way home from work so I can have that moment before it all starts again.

  2. I love it!! When my kids were that age, I found that strapping them into their car seats and just going for a drive was a good way to ensure we all survived till bedtime!! I may or may not have done the same thing with the kids I babysat strapped in as well!!